Random acts of violets

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Come on you reds

Just come back from a marvellous game of rugby. Redruth v Macclesfield.
We are playing for division promotion and we only bloody went and did it!

33 - 14.

Rather respectable win. 5 trys to 1, very late in the game try.

Found myself behind the goal really shouting and getting rather into it.
A friend of mine was there with his wife and 5 year old son. He was being very mindful of his language despite the high excitement. Although at one point he did instruct Redruth to 'stick it up em'.

Could have been worse.

One of my clients, who I trained on how to use Flash and Dreamweaver, was playing and he did really rather well indeed. Set up a marvellous try.

Redruth website.

Think I might offer my services for a new website for the new season...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Not your day

Saw this the other day and liked it.

(I've cleaned it up a little as well, in an odd moment of prudishness)

Cold calling, part the two

Thanks Izzy and James;
I have now registered with the TPS.

I ignored there worrying warning: "You should reflect on the fact that registering may well prevent you from receiving information which you would really like to have - thereby cutting you off from relevant and worthwhile opportunities."

I think I am prepared to run the risk really.

I think I found their site a while ago, but was a little dubious about entering in my details.
If it doesn't stop nuisance calls, and is in fact a bogus service set up to catch unwary people, I have just provided them with name, telephone number, home address and email so there is no way I am getting away from them ever.

Not without moving house and changing my name to Susan, and I'm just not prepared to do that again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I suppose it's good that I can vent my spleen at the keyboard for a few minutes, rather than calling everyone I know and shouting down the phone, but it doesn't really leave a terribly positive picture of my general state of mind on here.

I'll try and post about something pleasant at some point.


cold calling

Just received one of my regular, at least twice-a-week phone invitations to pay more for my phone service than I currently do. Such fun, especially when one almost kills oneself running down the stairs in socks first.

I do try and stay polite with cold calling as it's a shite job and one that I would hate to do, but at the moment all I can visualise is exacting terrible vengence and obscene violence on the f*%$ing chav who's just hassled me.

Getting these calls regularly, I do try and cut people off before they get too far, and then ask to be removed from their list so that I don't get called again. Tried this this evening to be told
"Oh, sorry mate, I'm quite busy nah and don't fink I've got time to do that". On asking to speak to his manager/supervisor, apparently they are too busy to speak to me either.


Something I have pondered a lot is: who, when receiving one of these delightful calls at home, ever says "Ah, thank god you called, I was just fretting about my phone service/kitchen/guttering". Somebody out there must be otherwise they wouldn't keep bloody calling.

Add to this the fact that I am still trying to air out the kitchen to remove all remnants of last night's failed attempt at making a kedgeree and it doesn't equal a whole load of happy. I would try to visualise fluffy kittens, or something, but they would probably end up crapping on my gravel as most of the neighbourhood cats seem to.

Time for a chant I think.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ranting against the media

3 guesses what this is about.

Nope. Wrong.

It's about the bally media.
I watched the Jeremy Paxman interview with Charles Kennedy last night and found myself shouting very loud swearwords at the telly. Yeesh. I'll have to start buying the Daily Mail soon.

Why are interviews so combatorial these days? Presenters all seem so desperate to be seen as a 'hard interviewer' asking the 'hard questions' that they end up attacking people for no real reason. Jeremy had it in his head last night that the Lib Dems are being inconsistent with their manifesto and no amount of answers that dismissed this would sway him from his course.

It's not just him, though. Kirsty whatsit from Newsnight seems to follow suit, and Jeremy Vine on radio 2 is equally a nightmare. They should be there, in my opinion, to make sure that politicians don't just talk a load of bollocks and actually give good answers. Most people I've heard lately have come out with so much guff as they desperately try to answer the same question 8 or 9 times that I end up having no real idea what they are talking about, but pretty much convinced that smacking Mr Paxman really quite hard on the clipboard would be a very good idea indeed.

And don't get me started on news coverage.

No really, don't.
I think it's best that I go and have a cup of mint tea instead.


I've been reading bits of the Two Fat Ladies cook books lately.
Funny story in one of them that I repeat below for your amusement!

There was once a great beauty who was courted by every man in the land. A very rich admirer wanted to buy her a present and asked what she would like. He offered her diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralsds, but all she wanted was silver penknife. He tried to insist on something more precious, but all she wanted was the penknife. So he bought her a silver penknife.

She was delighted, but when she went to put it away in a drawer, he noticed that it was full of silver penknives. 'Why', he asks, 'when you already have so many penknives, do you want another one?'. She replied, 'My darling, I may be young and beautiful now, with men falling at my feet, but when I am old and ugly, I know what a Boy Scout will do for a silver penknife'.

So there.

Monday, April 18, 2005

oh good grief

I'm even creating bally header graphics for the blog now.
It's no good. Run now, run fast and don't look back.

PS. And now I seem to have killed the publication process. Probably something telling me to get on with the day job...


Was about to fill out my profile. The random question was " Oscillate my metallic sonatas with your plan for the Panama canal: " which I won't properly answer, but do imagine was inspired by an article by Stephen Fry which I re-read recently in Paperweight. And it's missing 'satan' from the beginning to make it a proper palindrome. (do you see what I did with the title there!)

Aren't palindromes marvellous. Yes they are.
There was a crossword clue ages ago that I couldn't get. It was a man's name and was 4 letters only. That's what threw me, I couldn't think of a 4 letter one. Obviously three letters would be "bob" (one of the better 'comedy names').

Hmnn. Izzy: help me out!

Velvetting the tip

Saw some of Tipping the Velvet last night, being shown on BBC 3. Didn't see the original airing, just the 'adaptation' by French and Saunders. Very difficult to keep that out of my mind as I watched it.
If anything, the actual programme was funnier than the mickey-take, albeit not intentionally.

Some missed opportunities in there during the sensuous moments where for some reason the screen randomly flashed bright white. F&S could have worked in a nice 'flash photography' joke I'm sure.

Well, it was quite late but it made me laugh anyway.

Friday, April 01, 2005

that said...

of course, now I have a blog, I will probably start posting lots and lots.
See, second post already.

I guess posting random bits in here does stave off the possibility of picking up a sharp implement and running through the urban sprawl, shouting. At least for a day or two anyway.

Love, love, loved the recent media 'furore' over Prince Charles muttering under his breath. Personally can take or leave the monarchy. I suppose somebody has to be on a stamp and now that you no longer have to lick them, it doesn't matter who. That said they're good for tourism, and This Morning wouldn't have much to talk about without them.

Anyway, Prince Charles muttering "These bloody people. I hate that man, I mean he's awful", or similar. How can you dislike someone like that. The British at their best: middle-aged and grumpy.

I suppose blogs are also good for recording incredibly witty bon mots that would otherwise be lost to ... whatever these things are usually lost to. As soon as I can think of one, I shall post it.

I wonder how many posts I can do about posting on a blog? Seems rather lazy, a bit like all the newspaper columnists who once in their live can get away with describing how they have gone about writing their column. To paraphrase Magda off of Ab Fab: it's not bad enough to read the rubbish they write, you've now got to read about how the arsehole wrote it.


Rambling now. Wonder if I need some sort of sign off.
"Good night America, wherever you are." Rather big country, thought he would have known really. But then apparently geography is not a strong suit in the colonies.

Hello world!

It is the custom in the world of software programming to make your first program always say "hello world!". Not entirely sure why. Probably because software programmers don't get out much.

I've avoided having a blog for a long time, well. More 'couldn't be arsed' than avoided, and I'm still not sure it's a good thing, but talking to a mate today, I was convincing them how good they could be and so I thought I might as well go for it.

A few minutes and one really lame pun later, a blog is born.

No good will come of it. One's innermost thoughts are usually that way for a reason.