Random acts of violets

Friday, September 16, 2005

an amusing title based around the word 'covers'

I've been listening to some great covers lately (listening at the moment as it happens).

I don't normally spend much time randomly browsing the web despite the web pretty much being my job and my life - rather a depressing statement. anyhoo.

Got some great covers that I'm listening to. Nothing better than some well known songs re-done in a completely different style. Often ends up being much better in my head than the original. Case in point

  • Country style rock/acoustic etc of 'I want to dance with somebody' which sounds very much like it is being performed at the ale festival (you'll know what I mean Izzy)

  • Rock style cover of Madonna's 'Like a Prayer'.

Not a cover but an illegal download nonetheless, really liking the track 'Wake Up' by Arcade Fire which is the clip played on the BBC Autumn advert. Very nice indeed.

Need to find more really good tracks that I can download. I'm definitely on the look out for general 1920s-1940s stylee music-hall jazz. The kind of really nice background music that should be playing on a hissing gramophone in a country house where everyone is drinking gin and getting murdered.