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Monday, April 18, 2005

Velvetting the tip

Saw some of Tipping the Velvet last night, being shown on BBC 3. Didn't see the original airing, just the 'adaptation' by French and Saunders. Very difficult to keep that out of my mind as I watched it.
If anything, the actual programme was funnier than the mickey-take, albeit not intentionally.

Some missed opportunities in there during the sensuous moments where for some reason the screen randomly flashed bright white. F&S could have worked in a nice 'flash photography' joke I'm sure.

Well, it was quite late but it made me laugh anyway.


  • I've got 'un on tape if you want to see the lot. I think. Now I just have to get round to watching Fingersmith...

    By Blogger Izzy, at 7:14 pm  

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