Random acts of violets

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


I've been reading bits of the Two Fat Ladies cook books lately.
Funny story in one of them that I repeat below for your amusement!

There was once a great beauty who was courted by every man in the land. A very rich admirer wanted to buy her a present and asked what she would like. He offered her diamonds, pearls, rubies and emeralsds, but all she wanted was silver penknife. He tried to insist on something more precious, but all she wanted was the penknife. So he bought her a silver penknife.

She was delighted, but when she went to put it away in a drawer, he noticed that it was full of silver penknives. 'Why', he asks, 'when you already have so many penknives, do you want another one?'. She replied, 'My darling, I may be young and beautiful now, with men falling at my feet, but when I am old and ugly, I know what a Boy Scout will do for a silver penknife'.

So there.


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