Random acts of violets

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Observer lifestyle section can kiss my arse

Well, I've had quite a couple of days.

Yesterday I took the day off from my newly formed new-media company with a silly name, to attend the local county agricultural show where I spent the day examining various livestocks, before chatting with various exhibitors that I know, buying over-priced bits of handmade pottery, artisan cheese and locally grown asparagus whilst also spotting local mini-celebrities in the flower tent (thank you Mr Seth Lakeman (very, very small)) and supping on locally-brewed fine ales.

I then went on to the terribly chic village of Padstow to eat Fish and Chips (well, at the very least half a portion of fish and chips, before being mugged by a bastard seagull).

This evening I have feasted (well, I had a couple of slices, but you have to get into the "mode") on said artisanal cheese, before lightly boiling said local asparagus and knocking up a quick hollandaise sauce with butter and some free range eggs, collected the day before from the small holding of one of my clients.

Nigel Slater can't hold a torch to me, he really can't.