Random acts of violets

Monday, October 31, 2005

I thought they mean't f**k

Turns out the new Gordan Ramsey thing is quite good.
Although by the f word they mean food. Not fuck.
Cos what with his reputation for swearing on telly...


I was interested to see what Giles Coren was like in person. I like his writing style, but all too often it turns out that people whose writing you like are actually massive wankers when they get on screen. This may still turn out to be the case, but for the moment he was within tolerable levels. Which I'm sure he will be extremely relieved to hear.

I tend to get The Times, when I get any paper at all. Primarily because I can usually do (most of) the easy crossword and I quite like the su doku puzzles, but also I find I read more than the usual 3% of the paper that I manage with other titles. Except on a Sunday of course when only having so many hours of daylight means that I'm never going to get very far through at all!

Very annoying thing though in the magazines is the author's picture. I keep getting surprised by one of the writers who has a column near the front of the magazine (though for once I have done my recycling so can't find a copy to place her name). Whatever her name, she is blonde and normally has a terribly smug, yet 'amusingly baffled' type of grimace on her face that makes me think I would never grow tired of slapping her.

And if I did, I could just change hands for a bit.

Almost like she is the female equivalent of Nigel Slater in that respect. Love his food ideas/recipes but good god. Just the barest mention of a photo of him from a few years ago, licking ice cream from a spoon in a "what an evil monkey I am, look I'm indulging" pose is enough to make my sister physically collapse, convulsing on the floor.

Which of course means I often pin up photocopies around the place just for shits and giggles.

Nigel Slater is very much of the same cloth as Alan Bennett, who to quote Stephen Fry, has the kind of Northern whimsy that drives me fucking mad.

my, what a sweary post this has been.
(but 2 in one night, that's got to bring my batting average up a bit, what do you reckon Iz?).


Well it's a fun night here tonight.
What with it being guy fawkes next weekend, we have been experiencing fireworks in the street every night for the last 2 weeks.
Tonight there have been some so close that there have been really bright flashes in the street and bangs loud enough to shake the windows.

Just for a change I can't believe it's been so long since I posted here. I must get back into the habit a bit more. Especially after being berated at the ale festival, and being told that I should post more than once a fricking month.

Quite right!