Random acts of violets

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great biz speak

Just has an unsolicited mail via the company website but that's OK, because it says at the bottom quite strongly that it _isn't_ an unsolicited mail. So I guess that's OK.

To be honest I didn't get much beyond the first line, but it was a bit of a corker:

"Dear Manager, Hope you are doing great! I am, A___ L___ the Business Development Manager with C______________ Ltd . I am here to focus on acquiring and understanding your business needs and nurturing you with the outstanding talent we have which will generate and sustain significant and beneficial growth to your organization maintaining the quality. "

Yes, yes dear. But what do you actually want and what are you actually going to do?
I believe that line could better be summed up by the sentence

"Do you want some?"

Starbucks - no stars

Had a meeting on Monday and decided for convenience to try out the new starbucks, located on the chiverton cross roundabout.
The two chaps behind the till (i can't bring my self to call them baristas) were priceless. Trying to sell the "hot chocolate of the day" they informed my colleague that they "tried it and thought it was horrible, but still".

They also apologised for there being no food as "the truck never turns up till mid-morning, rubbish!".

I did notice that someone has a sense of humour though, as my small mug of filter coffee was labelled on the receipt as a "tall drip". Tall I will own up to, but drip!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


That was one of the best 90 seconds of my life so far.

Wandering into my bedroom, I just managed to stab my toe on a centimetre long shard of glass which unleashed enough blood to soak my sock, cover my foot and my hand in blood. So that was nice.
Staggering into my office to try and find a plaster, I then succeeeded in knocking my cafetiere to the floor, smashing it into pieces.

More glass, and now the realisation of no coffee in the morning ahead of 6 hours of lecturing.