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Monday, May 18, 2009

Pretty things, let me show you them

A new post in my occasional series of pretty pieces of mac tec.

I really would like to get a mac laptop to replace my windows one but I just can't bring myself to spend two-to-three times as much to get the kind of spec that I want.

That said, I am always happy when I can get to use bits of Apple kit so my latest arrangement of my working environment is a winner.

I've used a laptop exclusively for the last 5 years or so, but it has always resulted in me getting a sore back. This is a combination of being tall, having bad posture, a very large stomach and a low laptop - it just doesn't work properly on the desk.

I have had the laptop up on a very advanced and sophisticated stand for a little while (i.e. two reams of A4 paper) which helped but I was still typing away on the laptop itself, which makes my arms ache.

God this is exciting, isn't it!

So finally I have moved my laptop up onto a shelf above the desk, which is great, and have bought an Apple keyboard to type on. One of the thin, heavy, metal ones.
And it's bloody lovely.

As you were.


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