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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bulls eye

Well, not quite.

After what has felt like months, I have finally managed to qualify on the 60 yards target at the archery field - scoring over 100 points on 24 arrows.

I think I've finally twigged that I'm pulling the string back to slightly the wrong point so I'm trying to target through the string and that's pulling all my shots off to the right.

Anyhoo. What this now means is that I have the codes to the locks and can go down to the field whenever I want to loose a few shafts. Or have a go at archery. Whatever.

One of the proper archers commented that he thought I was doing well to score on the 60 using beginners equipment as it's not fine-tuned enough, which was a nice ego boost having felt so useless for so many weeks.

Getting very tempted to spend more money than I've got on proper kit now!


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