Random acts of violets

Saturday, August 27, 2005

ill thought out wording

Posted a comment on Izzy's blog earlier cornish rambler about the brilliantly named Pant Filling station in Wales and it reminded me of something I saw in ASDA a few months back.
ASDA have a wonderful habit of placing little signs hanging off of shelves that point out what they are selling there. These are generally fairly patronising phrases, one of my favourites being effectively foreign muck where anything with a spice in it is placed

As I wandered down the soft drinks isle, I saw the great sign selling 'Lunchbox juice'. Puerile mind or not, thought that was very silly. Thankfully most people I have told that to have found it equally funny so either I am not quite so childish as I first thought or I have just managed to surround myself by people who think a fart joke is 'up there' in the comedy greatest-hits list.

I think I know which ...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

tempus does fugg it rather, doesn't it

over two months since the last post.

Of course, the time in between has mainly been taken up scaling mountains, deep sea diving, gambling in Monte Carlo and helping small children in darkest africa.

OR of course, it's just two months later and i've really not been up to much at all.


Saw this earlier, bloody scary photo.