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Friday, April 01, 2005

that said...

of course, now I have a blog, I will probably start posting lots and lots.
See, second post already.

I guess posting random bits in here does stave off the possibility of picking up a sharp implement and running through the urban sprawl, shouting. At least for a day or two anyway.

Love, love, loved the recent media 'furore' over Prince Charles muttering under his breath. Personally can take or leave the monarchy. I suppose somebody has to be on a stamp and now that you no longer have to lick them, it doesn't matter who. That said they're good for tourism, and This Morning wouldn't have much to talk about without them.

Anyway, Prince Charles muttering "These bloody people. I hate that man, I mean he's awful", or similar. How can you dislike someone like that. The British at their best: middle-aged and grumpy.

I suppose blogs are also good for recording incredibly witty bon mots that would otherwise be lost to ... whatever these things are usually lost to. As soon as I can think of one, I shall post it.

I wonder how many posts I can do about posting on a blog? Seems rather lazy, a bit like all the newspaper columnists who once in their live can get away with describing how they have gone about writing their column. To paraphrase Magda off of Ab Fab: it's not bad enough to read the rubbish they write, you've now got to read about how the arsehole wrote it.


Rambling now. Wonder if I need some sort of sign off.
"Good night America, wherever you are." Rather big country, thought he would have known really. But then apparently geography is not a strong suit in the colonies.


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