Random acts of violets

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Evidence of the increased cost of living

Popped in to ASDA today for some quick provisions (going to ASDA isn't the evidence by the way) and it came to an incredible £10.89. Outrageous.

3 bottles of red wine on a special offer came to £10.
Perfectly reasonable, well-priced and so on.

But 89p for a piece of bloody broccoli!
Something must be done.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bone daddy

I'm working today (yes I know, on the weekend for heaven's sake) and to try and temper the embuggerance of having to do this, I've got some crap telly playing on the computer next to me.

First up is the frankly so-bad-it's-almost-bearable BoneKickers.

Whilst I'm sure there are some nice touches in there (from the archaeologists I know, a lot of importance is placed on biscuits) a lot of it so far is amazingly crap.

We've got the lead digger who swans around with a small trowel, tossing off bon-mots whilst staring in to middle distance; shouting grand statements whilst striding in to shot and speaking to the trench: "show me your secrets".

In addition to that, they do like to make sure the audience isn't lost at all.
The trenches have been dug in the shape of a cross, and we get lots of overhead shots to prove it.

They've just done a bit about some wood that was found in the trench. Following some searching in the World Wood Classification and Searching Database that Holds Details On All Known Woods (there's quite a large section on Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom) they've claimed that the wood in question is from the holy land 2000 years ago, and that someone had a nail driven through them and then bled into the wood.

Hmmnnn. What could it mean? What could the wood be, do we think?

Thankfully we don't have to consider it too long as 5 seconds after this proclamation, one of the characters pulls out a photo of the crucifixion. You know, that one with jesus. In the holy land. 2000 years ago.

That one.

Can't wait to see where this one goes, although I've got to pause for a moment as that scene literally made me choke on my coffee.

Mind you it does also have Paul Nicholls playing a mental with an impressive weapon.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let's throw it on the doorstep and see who salutes

Just had this from a networking thing taking place at a local pub

The event takes place on Thursday 31st July at the newly refurbished William IV in Truro, thanks to our friends at St Austell Brewery. The William IV reopens its doors to the public on July 23 following a £700k redesign and repositioning.

Do they mean it's moved?
Or are they just using marketing-w4nk-speak?

I think we know.