Random acts of violets

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When you shout, you make it hard for people to find the funny

Came across some great cartoons this weekend at gapingvoid. Even cooler is that you're allowed to use them for non-profit for free, and they make pretty good cards.

Some really seemed to strike a chord. Add to that that they are now being used as wine labels, well... can't go far wrong. Sucker that I am for packaging I'm now on the lookout for Stormhoek (the wine in question). I'm not usually a fan of South African wine, particularly pinotage which I think often smells like a hangover in a glass, but for a snazzy label I'll give almost anything a try.

but that's not for here.

One more:

Well hi there neighbour

Another addition to the blogosphere in the form of Dan's new blog: http://gaylordssayno.blogspot.com/.

Though I have to say, gaylords very rarely say no, unless the questions starts 'would you mind...'.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Been having a bit of a day today with technology ganging up on me.
Internet connection keeps failing; due to a glitch with a site that went live on Tuesday I'm having to forward on several hundred emails a day and the usually reliable ftp software keeps refusing to upload new files, meaning that whenever I have an update I have to delete the entire live site and re-upload. Which takes a while and is always a little nerve wracking!

Still, found a post on a design blog earlier that amused so thought I'd share:

There's a programme on tv on Sunday mornings that i've seen bits of the last couple of weeks. A god-awful show with Andi Peters and Anneka Rice that is actually way better and funnier than it has any right to be. Partly because Andi reminds me in presentation style of a mate of mine, and they also seem to be really enjoying what they are doing. Not sure if they are aware any of it is going out to the nation mind.

Anyway, they do a thing about pub food each week and Andi is very fussy on the use of fonts on the menu, and I couldn't agree with him more.