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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When you shout, you make it hard for people to find the funny

Came across some great cartoons this weekend at gapingvoid. Even cooler is that you're allowed to use them for non-profit for free, and they make pretty good cards.

Some really seemed to strike a chord. Add to that that they are now being used as wine labels, well... can't go far wrong. Sucker that I am for packaging I'm now on the lookout for Stormhoek (the wine in question). I'm not usually a fan of South African wine, particularly pinotage which I think often smells like a hangover in a glass, but for a snazzy label I'll give almost anything a try.

but that's not for here.

One more:


  • There are not enough Venn diagrams in everyday life.

    BUT Some people hate them though. Some people like them but not hats.

    It's all so confusing.

    Whatever happened to matrices?

    By Blogger smahman, at 12:35 pm  

  • I actually quite like South African wines, you might like to try wines from the Stellenbosh Region - they're nice and earthy and noted for being quite minerally as well. Remember the time we went to Selfridges and bought wine and cheese to take home (which!) well that was one. Wine drinking is such a gamble in every sense of the word - isn't it! Hmm... what?

    By Blogger searleyeditor, at 3:34 pm  

  • God you are SUCH A PONCE.

    By Blogger smahman, at 4:53 pm  

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