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Friday, June 03, 2005


Ever since I gravelled my front yard so that I can park on it easily, the local cats have been in ecstasy, thinking that I have gone out of my way to provide them with their own, very large litter tray.

Having had on of the little dears leave a present right out side my door this morning, I finally started to clean it up a little. Donning surgical gloves and clasping an asda carrier bag (can't use a Sainsbury's one for this) I started to remove said depositages.

Wasn't until I cleared some of it that I realised the stuff you can _see_ isn't the stuff to be frightened off. Never realised quite how much was being buried.

I am now left with some simple choices:
1. Continue to try and remove by hand
2. Get a large spade, dig out the gravel and start with new
3. Move house.

3. is starting to look like the go-er.


  • Was the fact that the gravel is three feet higher than when it was laid your first clue?

    By Blogger Izzy, at 9:42 am  

  • oh if only that was the first clue.
    No sadly the first clue was when I went to pick up something fairly innocuous and found myself kinda staring into the deep bowels of hell.

    Almost literally.

    By Blogger Matt, at 10:27 am  

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