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Saturday, November 26, 2005

what a pavlova

Well yesterday was a bit of a to do.

On Thursday my new, snazzy phone decided to go tits up, so yesterday afternoon went back to the phone shop to get it replaced. Apparently though I was 8 days outside of the 28 days that orange arbitrarily set, so they wouldn't replace it. Well, at one point they said they would, but then changed their mind again. All of this, sadly, took 2.5 hours of waiting in phone queues and so forth.

All of this was going on whilst a ton of snow was falling outside. I normally completely disregard all of the hype and paranoia about snow, but yesterday the folly was very much on me.

Finally escaping the mobile phone shop with a non-working mobile, I found there were no working routes out of the city. I also found that my favourite pair of boots fail specatularly on two counts: non-leakability and stay-upability. So went to Stead and Simpson (the only shoe shop still open) to purchase a new pair of boots that passed both the previous tests. The bloke in the shop was ecstaticaly happy, he took so much money yesterday afternoon.

Actually, I did make a small purchase before I bought boots: two bottles of quite expensive wine (to compensate for dead phone. that'll show orange!)

I then went on a gentle stroll for about 3 miles past lots of stuck traffic, the occasional bus sliding backwards down a hill and so forth to impose myself on a work colleague. Had a very nice evening drinking quite a lot of wine and talking nonsense.

This morning, all the roads completely clear. A few cars around but nothing even half approaching the kinda-hoped-for post-apocalyptic scene. No cars of fire, very few zombies. Quite dissapointing.

I've had the battery out of the phone now for about 15 hours. Plugging back in: my phone now works perfectly. Obviously that's a good thing, but it does mean really that yesterday was COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY.

Still, gives me something to blog about and I do have a new pair of boots!


  • were the trains to 'Druth not going? the Falmouth branch kept on, which I discovered AFTER taking two hours to drive back with a work colleague. Gah!

    By Blogger Izzy, at 10:59 am  

  • they possibly were running, but no-one was sure. Also the queue was 3-deep and ran from the ticket office to the bill board across the road. Didn't really fancy a 2 hour wait to find no train, and then have to get back to Truro today to collect my car.

    Did contemplate it though!

    By Blogger Matt, at 12:25 pm  

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