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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nothing like a nice bit of culture

I'm sure there used to be something involving Pauline Quirke that involved culture being pronounced like there were at least 7 "H"s in it.

Anyhoo, went to the ballet last week (in fact exactly a week ago).
Had an away day to Plymouth to see Matthew Bourne's adaptation of Edward Scissorhands. Absolutely genius stuff.

Very much in his usual vein, not classical style in any shape or form. It took the story off into some new directions (some of which weren't really dealt with again) but it was brilliant. The Edward that we saw (he's played by two different people) was bloody brilliant. He had such a prescence, really worked the naive, slightly bewildered aspect of Edward. Very sweet, very funny.

I saw the performance with my sister. Part way through she confided that she was enjoying it but that she really wanted to see some more, proper 'dancing'. Turns out what she really wanted to see was a classically trained ballerina climaxing on a spin-dryer as she started laughing like unto a drain at this point (anyone ever seen a drain laugh???)

We decided to make a proper break of it and booked a hotel so that a) I could drink through the performance and b) didn't have to drive back that night.

The hotel was perfunctory but good. The only downer being the insane amount of air-freshner and bleach that they used; and I guess the breakfast.
After just dropping our bags off, which took about 10 minutes, I could already feel my throat closing over. Nice.
Breakfast was as good as you find in a lot of hotels the country over, namely: bacon, tinned tomato and a deep-fried soft meat tube.

Have decided that this whole 'not working' thing is something that I have to repeat more often throughout the year. Tying it in with some general culture, such as 'your good old theatre' could be very good as well.
Finally saw where Tanners' Restaurant is in Plymouth as well. Looked really good but didn't serve at theatre-friendly times, so we went to Cafe Rouge (effectively next door) instead which was very good. But I'd love to go back and try Tanners' at some point soon.

Anyway, that's enough of a ramble for now. Nothing to do with the best part of a bottle of pinot noir and the fact that i've just finished giving my adult ed classes until january. hurrah!


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