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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Return'd tiumphant

Well I survived Reading then.
Got to see some of the 'nicer' parts through a 30 minute trek through some of the really nice bits of the city. Found out later that Oxford Road isn't _that_ bad. There hasn't been a shooting there for about 9 months; and that most of the drug dealers have been moved on so it's only the prostitutes who are left.

Nice meal though. And having been without a cat for a long time, re-discovered the joys of trying to sleep with a cat on your feet. It's amazing how often one tries to move through out the night, and this is never more keenly felt than when every move is met by a miaow.

Rather chuffed by the fact that, of the two cats there, the very timid one who doesn't like strangers and whigs out a bit with new people in the room, jogged across the lounge, jumped on to my lap and climbed up my chest so she could be scratched under the chin for 5 minutes.

Beautiful cats, brother and sister. Very long fur, tortoise-shell-ish, although the girl had quite a bit of ginger as well.

Got back this evening and, generally catching up on emails and trying to plan the next week suddenly had the realisation that a meeting i'm not looking forward to going to on Tuesday morning at 9am is actually _tomorrow_ at 9am. Still, guess it's better to work this out now rather than at some point tomorrow!


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