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Monday, March 31, 2008

The joys of travel

Am on a First Great Western train on the way to London, ready to start my "World Wide Trip (TM)" and the fun has started already.

Just back from the buffet car where they have a bizarre take on a menu.
Mot of the usual suspects (panini, sandwiches, baps and so forth) are all there, but they have also decided to offer some 'real food'. Worried that just naming the things they offer might not sell it in strongly enough to the trapped-masses, FGW have decided to create a named range of items. These include:

Look what we found! Chili con carne
Look what we found! Mushroom Stroganoff.

What ghastly meeting were those names cooked up in?

Where did you find it? Why did you decide to try and sell it to me as food?
Why does the fact that you found it, presumably whilst looking for something else, mark it out as being nicer and worth the money than if you had cooked it?
Very odd.


One would think that the benefit of travelling in first class would be less irritation by one's fellow passengers (plus the ability to use the word one twice in one sentence - oh god, I can't stop!). Behind me are a couple with a child but amazingly, the child isn't the irritant. It's the bloody mother! One of those people who are very much set on Transmit, she is also, it would seem, set on infinite loop.

There was a problem with the hot water when I got on, which means that the buffet car couldn't give hot drinks. End. of. the. fucking. world. apparently.
"Oh David, I can't survive without my coffee". One can only hope.

Sadly service has now been restored and she has indeed had her coffee.
Score one for her, zero for the rest of the carriage.


Great story in the Times today about Charlotte Green getting a fit of the giggles during the news yesterday morning on Radio 4. What tickled me most was the last time this happened to her: it was when having to read out the name of Papua New Guinea's Chief of Staff - Jack Tuat.


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  • Crikey, I'd never imagined First Great Western would be pioneers of freeganism, but I suppose these are difficult times.

    By Blogger patroclus, at 7:49 pm  

  • oooh oooh I saw those revolting foodstuffs only this morning. I was going to have one for breakfast but saw sense and ate the monstrously overpriced cheese and ham croissant. Disco. Cheese and Meat.

    By Blogger smahman, at 5:27 pm  

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