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Monday, March 03, 2008

Bad weather

I wonder what it is that makes bad weather so appealing?

There is absolutely nothing I love more than when it is absolutely whamming it down with rain, hail, sleet or snow. For preference I'll be inside with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, and the option of reading a good book or watching a number of episodes of The West Wing. But I also really like to be out for a good walk in appalling weather as well.

Last weekend I made it out to Godrevy, along with my sister, to walk along the beach in an absolute hoolie. Coat on, hood up, gloves on. Rain coming in almost horizontally. Freezing cold. Bloody loved it.

Possibly only loved it because I knew a central-heated house, cup of tea, slice of toast and the Sunday papers were only a 10-minute drive away, but still.

It's always been like this. As children the only only time you could get either of us to leave the house was in the middle of a storm or a blizzard.

It's been hailing here most of the evening, on and off. Occasionally it's been so loud I can't here the telly, and I've gone and stood by the kitchen door, the top half of the stable door open. Grinning like a twat.

I'm now at my desk writing a proposal for a job I really want to get. I'd really rather be in bed about now, but the fact that I can hear the rain beating outside my window is making it (almost) seem OK.


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