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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Never forget the first rule of fixing technology

I have a motorola razr phone. It's very pretty, but it does have a tendency to stop working periodically.
It completely died a few years ago, helpfully in the middle of the worst snow Cornwall had seen for a few years and this meant I was stuck in Truro with no way of calling anyone, so had to walk 3 miles to a friend's house on the off-chance that they were in.

It also sometimes won't turn on, or display anything on the screen.
It's been blank now for a day or so.
I tried all the usual things - make sure it's fully charged, take the battery out for a day and so on.
Finally I happened across the solution in a forum somewhere, so I record it here for anyone else having problems:

Put the phone on it's side and twat it one.



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