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Sunday, February 05, 2006

which one is tom and which is barbara?

Spent a lovely day yesterday schlepping large bits of metal, bits of wood and quite a lot of earth around as, along with the 'Cornish Rambler (tm)', helped some friends with the really quite massive job of re-vamping their farm house.

In re-counting the day, it sounds like it could come directly out of a double-page spread in the Observer Magazine. The only thing that would make it more ideal is if they were called Jacinda and Minty.

Must have shovelled at _least_ 30 tons of earth. Well ... may be not quite but still certainly what could be described as _some_ earth.

Got some very nice eggs from their re-claimed battery chickens (there must be a duracell joke in here somewhere) that I had this mornig with some very nice bacon and sausages.

Some odd twinges today but otherwise feel remarkably without crippling pain. Which is nice.

Quite good really, all things considered. I've been promising/threatening to help them for about the last 2 years, so glad that I could finally get there.


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