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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The saga continues of the new boiler. We're on day two of the installation.
Been lots of befuzzled amusement at the state of the existing boiler, random pipes and odd wiring.

I've also been doing my bit to amuse the engineer with my general ineptitude, lack of knowledge over anything to do with the heating system, or pipes. or water. or indeed pretty much anything.

The new boiler is here but doesn't fit the space of the old one. So i'm having foot-square hole in the wall bricked up, and a new hole for the flue drilled as we speak. In an 18-inch think wall, consisting of concrete on the inside. And granite on the outside. Fun.

The first engineer has now run away and a colleague has taken over - I asked him if he'd lost the game of cards, but he reckoned they did it all with straws.


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