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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Post-modern ironic twist

I've been celebrating the fact that finally, having tweaked my aerial, I can now see more than three channels on freeview by continually zooming through the channels to see if there is anything I _want_ to watch, now that I _can_.

I'm starting to feel a little dizzy by the fact that everytime I go on to ITV2 or ITV2+1 they seem to be showing groundhog day.

Which makes me wonder if they actually _are_ showing it, or if I am simply re-living the same movie.

This was confounded last night by an attack of the flies.
For some reason there seems to be a ton of house flies around at the moment.
I have developed a very effective technique of blatting them with my eco-friendly cleaning spray (water and vinegar) and then, whilst they are a bit dazed (and possibly looking for some chips to go with it) twat them with any handy implement. Usually the handy implement is the spray bottle itself, although it started to leak a little last night so I ended up delivering nature's final kiss courtesy of my 12 inch global cooks knife. Not dangerous at all.

I reckon yesterday and today I have dispatched around 20-30 of the blessed little things to the big strip of fly-paper in the sky.

However, last night it was all a bit odd as they only seemed to appear one at a time, making me begin to question whether I was actually killing loads, or just the same one, time after time.

If it wasn't for the tiny chalk outlines around each fly corpse, I'd never really know for sure!


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