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Monday, January 29, 2007


Do you see what I did there?

The Independent has been running lots of environmental stuff lately, including a campaign on getting stores to reduce the amount of packaging that they use. I was discussing this last night with Dan. We produced an award-winning documentary when we were still at school highlighting the hideous use of packaging, called "The Big Rip-0ff". This was in, I think, 1990.

So we scooped The Independent by about 17 years.
And I bet they didn't get a letter from Seb Coe.

In WHSmith's at Paddington this morning I was amused-stroke-appalled to see that they were running a promotion with The Independent - buy a copy of the paper (with it's big front page all about global warming) and get a free bottle of water! Yes, the root of all evil. Someone somewhere didn't really think through the whole picture.


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