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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tag your (54)it

I never normally respond to these so not sure why I am now (other than the fact I'm trying to avoid doing some mind-numbing work that I have to get finished, even though it's a Sunday).

As per the request:
Please Leave The Following In All Posts : 'Remember that it isn't always the sensational stuff that writers are looking for, it can just as easily be something that you take for granted like having raised twins or knowing how to grow beetroot. Mind you, if you know how to fly a helicopter or have worked as a film extra, do feel free to let the rest of us know about it.'

I'd like to get properly into photography and would also like to get back to doing video/film work like I used to as a kid with Dan.

I used to be a campanologist but had a constant fear of getting my foot caught in the ropes and being hoiked up the belltower (as it were)

I have a 1972 ivory-white spitfire that has been off the road for a few years but should (very soon) be driveable again.

I'm currently making lasagne, pasta sauce and sausage casserole to freeze so that I can be a bit healthier; this in response to having watched HFW bemoaning the evils of ready meals whilst sat on the sofa eating a ready meal chicken curry (that was very nice)

I can speak about 3 lines of Cornish and should really sort out learning more, beyond things like: Fatla genes (how are you?) bana gwynn rudth (i'd like a glass of red wine) and gorthuger da (good evening); though having just typed those out, I think i'm pretty much set for all i'd ever need to do.


  • glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read the belltower one, or I'd have laughed it all over me keyboard.

    I'll leave you with that attractive image.

    By Blogger Izzy, at 6:06 pm  

  • I'm sorry I don't get it?

    By Blogger searleyeditor, at 11:56 am  

  • then you should get out more.

    By Blogger Matt, at 12:02 pm  

  • I know, everyone keeps telling me that.

    By Blogger searleyeditor, at 12:22 pm  

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