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Thursday, December 07, 2006

See You Next Tuesday

Well that was fun.

Tuesday got a text asking if I had been on the phone for the last three hours. Turns out no, but my phone line was buggered. Shortly after lost broadband connection.

Being without a working phone line or internet connection really isn't a problem when you work from home. Honest.

Phoned BT and finally got through to a person. Was instructed to test my line with 2 different corded telephones that I knew to be working, else I could end up paying £70 for an engineer if there was a problem with my equipment. Eventually got an appointment for an engineer at their earliest convenience: next tuesday.

so that would be a week then.

Thankfully Dan's brother is a BT engineer, and he came over this morning and fixed it all in about 10 minutes. I can now get back to downloading cake recipes and porn doing my essential and worthwhile internet business.

No thanks whatsoever to BT. Tons and tons and tons of thanks to Dan's brother.


  • He's a Searle, through and through. Basically will do anything for a drink/man.

    NB Factually acurate to 16.66667 %

    By Blogger searleyeditor, at 5:54 pm  

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