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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's all in the name

Was at the college this afternoon, introducing another 20 odd people (well, some of them odd, you know what i mean) to the joys of blogging.

Perusing the walls whilst everyone was composing the masterpiece of their first ever post, I saw a great poster advertising some computer courses. The options were:

photoshop (fair enough)
advanced photoshop (with you so far)
super advanced photoshop (ok, hang on)

I'm waiting until the really difficult courses:
ooper super advanced photoshop
opper super dooper advanced photoshop
shit me, will you look at what we're doing now photoshop

Not quite sure where super trooper advanced photoshop fits in. Somewhere though. Probably all about putting colour washes and glitter on everything [which is what was done in the seventies you see].


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