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Monday, November 06, 2006

We drink wine with diamonds in the glass, by the case...

I've gradually been confirming that my tastes are indeed expensive, by finding more and more things that it turns out I really like, vis:

Now to add to that, courtesy of the rambler herself: Fever tree tonic water. £3 for 4, quite small bottles, but my limes it's good stuff.

Not too bitter, just bitter enough. Not sweet, clean, basically bloody lovely.


  • Filthy bitch. But worth every penny (you that is in case you were wondering).

    By Blogger searleyeditor, at 11:34 am  

  • Yeah man, I am a Gevrey Chambertin Man through and through. But at £15 for a cheap bottle I am on a hiding to nothing.

    By Blogger smahman, at 4:42 pm  

  • The movie thing made me giggle. CURSE YOU!

    By Blogger james henry, at 9:18 pm  

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