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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The young aren't _all_ bad

This is very old news now, but it just occurred to me again, not sure why.

Ages ago there was a report on a new security device aimed at driving away gangs of youths!

It was based around the fact that as you get older, you can't here high-pitched noises. So whilst anyone over the age of about 25 couldn't hear this siren, any teenagers would find it too loud and irritating and immediately disperse.

All well and good.

I think it took about a month, however, before someone had sampled this high frequency noise and converted it into a mobile phone ringtone meaning that kids could now call or text each other during lessons at school and the teachers wouldn't be able to hear it.


There's lots written about the decline in standards and how today's youth are like a pack of something not very nice wearing hoods, but stories like that give me hope!!

right, back to my slippers and pipe.


  • Hello Soldier, friend of Danny Searle's here. I have come across this noise, and whilst my girlfriend could not hear it, both me - 33 and my 60 year old mother could.

    Old age be damned

    Love how school kids are twisting the system however.

    By Blogger smahman, at 4:06 pm  

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