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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Words that should be banned

There was a programme on the other day about a school that tried to ban swearwords.
I do have rather a potty mouth, but then it's fucking funny when I swear (not so much the chavs on the street, but there we are).
I have my own set of words, though, that I find offensive and think should be banned. These include:

cheeky (as in "she can still have a cheeky chinese")

I'm sure there's more, so I will no doubt update this post as the gorge rises!

Actually, one other thing on words, not that should be banned, but just changes that always irritate me. I have no idea if my views on this are correct, or if the other uses are correct but:

roofs rather than rooves
lighted rather than lit

why is "he lighted the lamps" better than "he lit the lamps". surely both past tense, or is there more to it?
Despite being a fussy pedant (is there any other kind?) I don't really know my tenses by name (how unbearably tense) ((my what a lots of parentheticals)).

oh get on with your work!


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